Author’s collage: short stack Photo by solod_sha from Pexels + book stack Photo by Pixabay from Pexels


Sneak a pat of butter in between each cake
While hot — soften, melt and ooze down
The stack to seduce stray berries plucked
From that dream your soul was having —

— The one Jung enhanced by pointing out
How each honeyed crumb abandoned on the plate
Means you’re…

Photo by John Cobb on Unsplash

The white plank upends and bobs on the surface of the water, confirming there are things in this salty sea lighter than me.

Turning my head back to the horizon, I’m just in time to see the luminous curving edge of the sun a split-second before it dives into oblivion…

Laurie Perez

Novelist ☀️ THE AMIE SERIES begins in THE LOOK | “a book that you think about, long after you’ve read it!!” | “Strangely euphoric” | Apple Books | Amazon | B&N

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